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The Thriving Immigrants Collaborative (TIC) is an alliance of organizations in Santa Cruz County that provide direct services to and advocate for a community where immigrants are truly welcomed and supported to thrive.  TIC aims to improve life for immigrants in our region through collective work focused on:

     •  Advocacy & Systems Change
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     •  Communications & Community Engagement
     •  Developing TIC’s Infrastructure

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A united, thriving, and equitable community built on our diversity and shared history of migration. 



To enhance the quality of life and advance the rights of our immigrant community through
advocacy, organizing, and the alignment of services.  



Dignity  •  Justice  •  Equity





 TIC steering committee members first came together in 2017 in response to the post 2016 elections political landscape, the actions of the federal administration, and the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids impacting our community. The TIC’s focus for year one was on addressing the immediate needs of affected community members living in fear, distress, and uncertainty. The initial efforts included bringing agencies together to meet regularly, securing funding for case management, crisis response support, and deepening partnerships between agencies. The goals and focus for year two (FY 2018-2023) include building on the advances made in year one and outlining a two-year plan to guide the Collaborative’s development and efforts to increase the access and improve the effectiveness of immigration services in Santa Cruz County.

Services available through TIC members and in collaboration with other community partners include: 

  • Family Preparedness Team & Referral Coordination
  • Emergency Referrals
  • Pro-bono Legal Services
  • Funding for Emergency Needs
  • Case Management and Crisis Response


For more information about how to get involved with TIC or for any other inquiries, please contact Paulina Moreno at 831.274.3159 via email at